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Operation Rainfall was founded June 22, 2011 in order to push for the localization of a trilogy of Wii RPGs: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower. Since successfully achieving our campaign goals, we have moved to covering the latest and greatest in video game and anime news. In celebration of the 2010 to 2019 decade ending, the staff put together a list of the top thirty-one best games that you simply cannot miss. In order to qualify for this list, the game had to:

  1. Be released between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2019 in North America.
  2. Obtain at least a plurality of votes from our staff.
  3. Re-releases from this decade were allowed for consideration, if the new release was a substantive increase of content over the original. For example, 2012 Persona 4: Golden would qualify due to the heavy amount of substantive new content included in that re-release versus 2008’s original release, but the HD re-release of 2008’s God of War: Chains of Olympus as part of the 2011 God of War: Origins Collection would not due to the minimal increase of new content.

Our writers then came together, and each picked up several games that they have played and loved, and talked about why each of those games are one of the thirty-one best video games from this past decade in each of the pieces to follow. Furthermore, a special thank you to Brandon Rose for the featured logo image.

Before reading on, feel free to check out choices for 2010/20112012/2013 , and 2014/2015 first!

Our final list will be published over five days in order of release date, covering two years per article. Today’s article covers the decade’s best seven games that were released between the years 2016 and 2017.




20) Persona 5

Decade | Persona 5

Publisher: Atlus USA
Platform(s): PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4
Release Date: September 15, 2016

Patrick Aguda says:

Persona 5 takes place in Tokyo and follows the protagonist when he transfers to Shujin Academy after an event in his hometown changes his life drastically. The protagonist starts out as an outcast at the school, but after strange and supernatural events start to occur, he gets dragged into another dimension known as the Metaverse. Here, he discovers the power of Personas and learns of the work he can do with this newfound power. As time goes on, he gathers friends who share a similar goal in wanting to help change society, or change the hearts of those they find to be corrupt. The protagonist dons the codename ‘Joker’ and becomes the leader of these group of individuals known as the Phantom Thieves.

This game is the Persona series’ long-awaited entry on the PS4 and it was worth the wait. The game features beautiful cel-shaded graphics, an eye-catching UI and a nice recreation of Tokyo. It keeps the popular social simulation aspects introduced in Persona 3 and introduces a plethora of characters the protagonist can interact with and get to know. These confidants can offer the protagonist and his team special bonuses depending on their relationship rank. These bonuses can range from EXP sharing, to increased money gains, or even the ability to access new shops. The turn-based battle system returns and is still as solid as it was in previous entries. The music in the game is influenced heavily by jazz and sounds incredible. All the party members in the game are interesting and their confidant stories add much more depth to their characters. Persona 5 has excellent music, beautiful graphics, great characters, and solid turn-based gameplay. It is one of the best JRPG’s released this decade, and you’re doing yourself a great disservice if you haven’t tried it yet.


21) Titanfall 2

Decade | Titanfall 2

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms(s): PC / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Walter P. says:

Released two years after its multiplayer focused predecessor, Titanfall 2 expanded on the setting from the original game. It focuses on Jack Cooper, a member of the Frontier Militia who participates in a failed attack on the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC). He comes across the Titan BT-7274 and the two learn to rely on each other as they face IMC forces including the Apex Predator mercenary group.

Titanfall 2 is gone of the best shooters from the last decade for the tweaks made to its multiplayer, but also for the campaign which shows more of the conflict between the Militia and IMC. Fighting while on foot is quick and when piloting a Titan you can feel their power. One of the highlights of the single player is the interactions between the Titan BT and Cooper which is said to have been inspired by buddy cop movies, along with some anime. One of the biggest downsides to the game is that the campaign is a bit short and it wouldn’t have hurt to see some more Cooper and BT working together. That being said, the adventure between the pilot and Titan is something worth experiencing.

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