New Guilty Gear | Ky intro

New Guilty Gear | Ky combo

At Tokyo Game Show, Arc System Works released a new trailer for the untitled upcoming Guilty Gear game announced at EVO 2019, showing off a bit more gameplay than the original trailer.

You can see the trailer here:

As the name of the trailer suggests, it mostly focuses on series main characters Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, showing off some combos and their iconic moves; such as Sol’s Volcanic Viper and Tyrant Rave ver.Beta, and Ky’s Vapor Thrust and Ride the Lightning, among others. It also looks like they retain many normal moves from previous games. The trailer ends by announcing that fellow veteran May will be returning, as well as teasing another trailer to be shown off at the fighting game tournament CEOtaku later this month.

The new Guilty Gear is set for release on PS4 in 2020, and will be playable to attendees at Arc Revo World Tour 2019 Finals in November.

Chris Melchin
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