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Corpse Party: Blood Drive - XSEED Games | oprainfall

As if the domain for Lord of Magna was not enough, XSEED has registered domains for three other games that fans have been hoping for.

The first of these is Corpse Party: Blood Drive. This game is one that I have been looking forward to so much that it was my most anticipated game for 2015. Well, speak of the devil, the domain for this just happened to be registered now. Blood Drive looks to be a game that improves over the last entry, Book of Shadows, and returns to the style used in the first game. Although, one could say that one of the reasons I am most excited for this game is due to that bastard-ish cliffhanger the last game left us on.

Tokyo Xanadu is an Action RPG from Falcom, the same people behind the Ys and Legend of Heroes series, and it is one that appears to be set in modern day Tokyo. Speaking of Falcom, Trails of Cold Steel could very possibly be a localization of either Trails in the Flash, Trails of Blue, or Trails of Zero. Seeing as how none of the Legend of Heroes titles directly translate to Trails of Cold Steel, it could still leave the possibility open that it is an entirely different game.

Regardless, things are looking up for these games. While a domain may not be a direct confirmation, it is a pretty good sign. Besides, XSEED was never the type to mislead us.