No More Heroes III

It’s official: Travis Touchdown’s latest adventures hit the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 27 when No More Heroes III makes its debut!

Aliens have invaded Earth and taken over, and are now hosting an intergalactic superhero ranking tournament to decide the fate of the planet. Beam Katana-wielding Travis Touchdown will need to fight his way to the top of the rankings to save the world – but not before taking on some odd jobs to pay for his tournament entrance fee. Who hasn’t had to stop for a spot of mowing before taking down an extraterrestrial threat? But when the battles start, expect to see some crazy tricks from these alien menaces. Study their tactics carefully to gain an upper hand in combat and come out victorious. Travis also has access to a new and improved Death Glove, providing him a variety of skills he can upgrade before each match to give him the upper hand.


  • Earn money to enter ranked battles! – To enter into each subsequent ranked battle, you’ll need to pay a pretty steep fee. Travis must take on various missions around town to make the money he needs to fight. An invitation to the next fight will be sent once the required fees have been transferred via ATM.
  • Use your skills to dominate opponents! – Enjoy even more hardcore slash-‘em-up action than ever before as you use the Joy-Con’s intuitive controls to wield Travis Touchdown’s trusty Beam Katana along with a slew of pro wrestling techniques! Also, featured for the first time in the series, Travis can now use his Death Glove to activate a variety of skills, allowing for more strategic battles. Furthermore, you can now customize the new Skill Tree and try out different Death Glove Chip combinations to find the play style that works best for you.

And just in time for his newest escapades, you can read all about Travis Touchdown’s earlier shenanigans in oprainfall’s review of his first two games, which recently re-released on the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes III will launch Aug. 27 for $59.99 USD.

Leah McDonald
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