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The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors Gets Launch Dates

oprainfall | The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors


ININ Games has released a big new trailer over 6 minutes long for The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors. They also announced launch dates for the game in North America and Europe on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. They wanted to release the game at the same time in both regions. However, the release in North America got delayed a bit due to some unexpected logistical problems. As a result, Europe will see the sequel first on August 30th. Meanwhile, North American players will have to wait until October 15th to get their hands on it.

ININ Games said in their press release that they wish to apologize to their North American fans. They also say that to help make up for this, the physical release in the region will have some extra items in it that will be revealed in the future. However, the press release does say that pre-orders of the physical edition will come with a limited edition Ninja Saviors keychain that looks like a throwing knife. There will also be a poster, sticker set, and a manual included. For more information on pre-ordering, head over to their official website. Here’s the big new trailer:


The new release will also feature some enemies that were not included in the western release of the Super Nintendo version. The new game will be a completely uncut experience, and feature an option to change the hit effects color to red. The visuals have been enhanced significantly, including new 16-bit pixel art and animations. The audio has also been improved, with revamped sound from Taito’s house band, Zuntata. The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors also features 2-player cooperative play and an online ranking system. Here are a few screenshots:


The game has five playable warriors, and tons of moves to unleash. The two new faces joining the fray are Yaksha (a woman-shaped android with unpredictable telescopic arms) and Raiden (a massive 32,000kg/70,548lb android). ININ Games’ press release also included some information and art for each of the playable characters. These warriors will kick, leap, and slash their way through waves of pesky foes over a series of eight levels. You can face the evil tyrant Bandlar and his henchmen solo or enlist the help of a friend and destroy your enemies as a team. Below is the basic information for each fighter:


Yaksha (New Fighter)

Height 155 cm
Weight 50 kg / 110.2 lbs
Type Tech
Description Yaksha is a small woman-shaped android designed for espionage missions. She makes full use of her expandable flexible arms to perform unpredictable attacks.



Raiden (New Fighter)

Height 400 cm
Weight 32000 kg / 70547.9 lbs
Type Heavy-weight
Description Raiden is a huge battle android. It can transform into two modes: human-shaped Crusher Mode or Blaster Mode with flying capabilities. Its giant 4 meter high body is the source of its absolute strongest power.



Height 170 cm
Weight 65 kg / 143.3 lbs
Type Balance
Description Kunoichi is a woman-shaped android that is agile and specialized in aerial combat. She slashes down enemies with double Kunai knives and the Katana blade on her back.



Height 210 cm
Weight 700 kg / 1543.2 lbs
Type Power
Description Ninja is a giant-scaled android. He is slow, but his power compensates for that. His special abilities are attacks with steel Nunchuks and grabbing throws.



Height 185 cm
Weight 100 kg / 220.5 lbs
Type Speed
Description Kamaitachi is excellent in speed, and his strength is in attacks that use agility. He swings around with the blades built into his arms and cuts down enemies foolish enough to approach him.



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