It’s no surprise to many of you that we here at oprainfall love us some Xenoblade, and thus whenever we see some new tidbit of information, we publish it. Even if it’s in another language. Luckily, in the latest video that was posted for the upcoming New 3DS game, our handy translator Will Whitehurst gave it a once over and was able to make sense of things. The following trailer discusses the following, according to Will – “In the Everyone’s Recommendations survey on the Wii, of all the Wii games, Xenoblade had the highest ranking among titles that were rated “Platinum.” The video basically discusses various comments that players said about the game, as well as summarizes the story. Some of the anonymous comments include:

Anyhow, I recommend this game for people who want to go on adventures in big worlds.”
“Even just idling around in the wide open spaces is really fun!”
“The combat interactions and commands are enjoyable.”
“I was entranced by the music and story, and I even cried.”
“The townspeople are also vibrant, and I think getting to know them was interesting as well.”
“A game where you can adventure stress-free in a world of epic scale, with the enjoyment of the essence of an RPG.

Sounds like they know where their audience is. Until the upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, enjoy the following video! And thanks to Will for his translation skills.

Josh Speer
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