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Haruki Nakayama

Current president and CEO of Marvelous, Haruki Nakayama, will be stepping down from his position come the company’s 22nd annual meeting of shareholders on June 18th. The cited reason for his departure is his declining health over the last few years. He is expected to be succeeded by current vice chairman, Shuichi Motoda, following an official vote by the shareholders.

Haruki Nakayama founded Marvelous Entertainment back in 1997 and has continued to be the company’s president after merging with AQ Interactive and Liveware in 2011 and becoming the Marvelous we know today. Marvelous is perhaps best known for the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and Senran Kagura franchises.

We wish the best for Haruki Nakayama in regard to his health, Shuichi Motoda in his new position, and Marvelous in the future of their company.



Aaron Evangelisti
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