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New Toukiden Screenshots and Early Details

Toukiden demon

It would seem that Sony is dead set on making me regret my decision not to purchase a PlayStation Portable or Vita in 2013. Later this year, Japanese PlayStation Portable and Vita owners will be the first to enjoy Toukiden, developed by Omega Force and published by Tecmo Koei, which looks to be the love child of Onimusha and Monster Hunter.

Players will fight as a soldier of Mononofu, the first line of defense against hordes of demons threatening the land and reality itself. Utilizing weapons such as bows and arrows and swords, players will wage war on the demonic forces, striking at their vital points to incapacitate them and rend them limb from limb before finishing them off with purification magic. The game will also allow teams of up to four players to join each other in battle.

If this plays half as well as it looks, it should be a lot of fun. Until we hear of a Western release, be sure to enjoy the pretty pictures in the gallery below.


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