oprainfall | The Quiet Man

oprainfall | The Quiet Man


Square Enix has released a new video entitled “Who is the Quiet Man?” The video sheds light on the upcoming cinematic action experience, and introduces a number of people on the international development team behind the game. The video shows information on some of the core concepts behind the game, and the development processes going into its creation.

The game’s protagonist, Dane, is a skilled fighter, but he is also deaf. This creates a very interesting experience for players. The game is not silent, but you will not be able to hear what characters are saying. Dane must unravel the motives behind the kidnapping of a songstress. Here is the new video, with about nine and a quarter minutes of insight into the game’s design and it’s development, so check it out:


According to the press release, The Quiet Man will be launching on November 1st, in digital format for both the PC (Steam) and the PlayStation 4. Those who buy it from November 1st to 15th will get a 10% discount. Depending on which store you purchase it from, you’ll get certain other goodies as well. Those who pick up the game on Steam will get 7 desktop/mobile wallpapers, while those buying the game on the PlayStation Store will get a PlayStation 4 system dynamic theme and eight PlayStation Network avatars.

The Quiet Man will sell for $14.99, and there will be additional free content released one week after the game’s launch. This extra content is called The Quiet Man – Answered –. It adds an extra play through to the game, which introduces new sound and voices, which will answer some lingering questions in the game. The Quiet Man has been rated M for Mature by the ESRB in North America and PEGI 18+ in Europe. You can find out more about the game at it’s official website.

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