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Resident Evil


Capcom USA today tweeted that it will be bringing three fan favorite Resident Evil adventures from the GameCube era to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. Their tweet says that Resident Evil, RE 0, and RE 4 will all be coming to the Nintendo Switch next year.

Players will battle against the sinister Umbrella Corporation in the Arklay Mountains, as a T-virus outbreak takes hold. Your goal is to stop them and their dangerous research of the T-virus, which can turn humans into zombies or mutate them into much more powerful and horrifying monsters. RE 0 is a prequel, while RE 4 takes place after the Arklay Mountains/Raccoon City incident.

The original game was released on the PlayStation in 1996, and later got a remake for the GameCube, which launched in 2002. That same year, the prequel, Resident Evil 0, also came out for the GameCube. This was the game that got me into the horror genre and prompted me to get the other ones, though it was not the best one. Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t come along for three more years (2005). Nonetheless, all three of these games were originally GameCube exclusive titles. Since then, they have all seen multiple re-releases on numerous platforms.

The original game was first conceived by Tokuro Fujiwara, as a remake of his 1989 Capcom horror game known as Sweet Home. However, the marketing team found that this name had already been taken in the west by a DOS game. As a result, they held a contest inside the company for personnel to come up with a new name. Someone suggested Resident Evil, and the rest is history. After release, the game was a big success, and gave birth to the survival horror genre.


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