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UPDATE: Breast Physics Issues for Certain Versions of Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Orochi 4A recent comparison of game footage shared on Twitter reveals some strange differences between the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam versions of Warriors Orochi 4. When idling in the menus prior to starting a march, there appears to be a variance in the physics being used for breast movement. Stranger still, the physics aren’t toned down on the Switch version. Instead, they’re altered on the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam versions. You read that correctly- only the Nintendo Switch copy of Warriors Orochi 4 has had the breast physics left intact. These physics have been outright removed in the other copies. Have a look at these differences for yourself…

This news of course comes in the wake of Sony’s recent crackdown on censoring “illicit” content. While this does not appear to be directly related to Sony’s policies, it is a rather unfortunate sign of the times. Koei Techmo has a history of censoring content as well, albeit a much quieter one than Sony’s. With these differences in mind, let us know which version you’d be more likely to pick up by leaving a comment below.

[UPDATE] This issue appears to be directly related to the frame-rate at which the game is running, not to a decision made by the developer. As a discussion within the game’s Steam community has brought to light, if you are running the game at a frame-rate over 30, the breast physics cease to function correctly. Ironically, the fact that the Switch version maxes out at around 30 FPS makes it somewhat immune to this issue. Players who pick up the Steam version can remediate this issue by limiting the frame-rate to 30 FPS. Of course, an important decision will need to be made: Do you want more frames or more bounce?

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