The long-in-development Save Me Mr. Tako! finally has a release date. The Game Boy-inspired platformer will launch on October 30th for Nintendo Switch and PC. Nicalis, Inc. will handle publishing duties (and helped co-development) for creator Christophe Galati.

Save Me Mr. Tako! was formally re-announced as a late-2017 release, only to miss its wide fourth quarter window, taking longer than expected to finish. It has been in the development workshop of Mr. Galati as early as 2014 and was previously scheduled to launch on Wii U back in 2015.

As true to its original announcement, Save me Mr. Tako! boasts visual design that matches the limitations of the Game Boy handheld, along with authentic audio design. Mr. Tako can wear up to 50 hats that grant him unique abilities as he travels underwater platforming levels, solving puzzles, and firing ink at enemies to turn them into extra platforms.

About the only thing left to disclose about Save me Mr. Tako! is its price, which was not revealed with the launch date. Stay tuned for when Mr. Tako’s undersea voyage begins.

Alex Irish
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