BanG Dream! | General Election

Tokyo Otaku Mode has announced the final results for the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party 1st General Election which started on July 2. Voting ended on July 15 and the votes have been counted. After taking the lead in the interim results, Roselia claimed the top spot in the final results as well.

The final rankings for the bands are as follows and are very similar to the interim results (Note: the total vote numbers were not released):

5th Place: Pastel*Palettes

BanG Dream! | Pastel*Palettes

4th Place: Poppin’ Party

BanG Dream! | Poppin' Party

3rd Place: Afterglow

BanG Dream! | Afterglow

2nd Place: Hello, Happy World!

BanG Dream! | Hello, Happy World!

1st Place: Roselia

BanG Dream! | Roselia

Roselia will receive the following due to their win in the election:

  • The creation of the “Roselia going on an overseas vacation” illustration
  • Original goods featuring the illustration, produced by Tokyo Otaku Mode and sold worldwide
  • Members from the illustration being added to the English version of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! app

Fans who voted in the election and tweeted their votes are entered in the chance to win an autographed polaroid from Aina Aiba, the voice actress of Roselia’s lead singer Yukina Minato. There will be a total of three winners and the lucky fans will be contacted via DM by Tokyo Otaku Mode’s official Twitter account.

If you’re interested in the winning band, you can check out one of Roselia’s music videos below. It features the song titled “Neo-Aspect.”


The official election page will be updated with more information on the special illustration, original goods, and other BanG Dream! Girls Band Party related news once it becomes available.

Did your favorite band make it to the top?

SOURCE: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party 1st General Election Final Results Page

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