This week’s Weekly Famitsu reveals that the RPG Maker MV creators are developing new game making software for PC. This software is for sprite-based action games, titled Action Game Maker MV. It is currently 70% complete and will allow for the creation of 16-bit era style action games.

It will release in Japan for 9,800 yen this summer. It will allow the creation of either side-view or top-down view as well as four player offline multiplayer. Programming knowledge is not required and this engine allows for the creation of Metroidvania style games and Sonic the Hedgehog-esque speed running and other physics. There are various graphics options, including reductions, rotations and enlargements as well as allowing movies to be used for background scenery. Images and music from other Maker games are compatible.

This software is currently only for Windows, however can be used commercially. It is also playable at BitSummit Vol. 6 on May 12th.


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