Title VenusBlood Hollow Fan Discs
Developer Ninetail
Publisher JAST
Release Date March 29th, 2024
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

Ninetail is back with some fandiscs in the VenusBlood series. This time we have three discs from VenusBlood HOLLOW featuring the dragon sisters, Liese and Julia. A couple of these are on the lighter side of things in the AfterDays stories, but just like last time there is one Chaos route story in the DarkChronicles tale. Let’s dig into these and see if they are something fans would want to spend their coin on, shall we?

VenusBlood Hollow Fan Disc | Lap

Our first story begins as the war ends and Leonhardt keeps his promise with Julia, reuniting with her after the war as her subordinate. After some of the brainwashing he did to her during the war, she is completely obsessed with him and wants to jump his bones at every opportunity, as well as rid the world of all the Black Hellbeasts that still plague the world. To get her to calm down a bit, he enlists her sister Liese to use any means necessary to get her to back off the marriage, and things get out of hand from there.

VenusBlood Hollow Fandisc | Doggie

The next story focuses on Liese, Leonhardt marries her after the war and they live on the surface. It’s been one month and he has been welcomed to Archlond as commander. Despite this, he frequents pubs and brothels, always getting into fights with authority he didn’t like as well. This was overlooked since he was such an asset to the kingdom in military manners. The main problem here is Liese is not tending to Leonhardt’s needs as a man, and if you know him this is not going to stand. This leads him to some extreme measures to show her exactly what a “Man’s” needs are. This tale takes some twists and turns from here and ends up not where I expected.

VenusBlood Hollow Fandisc | Trained

Lastly we have the DarkChronicles story. Here the war rages on with the Dark Angels led by Nachtu. Having subjugated all of the dark lords in the land, Leonhardt prepares his army to fight off their invasion. His tactics have become very cruel at this point, and he doesn’t care who dies so long as it meets his ends. He is currently training both Julia and Liese with his usual tentacle method, but he goes to the point where he actually breaks their minds. As their kingdom collapses, this will show just how far Leonhardt will go when he delves into chaos!

VenusBlood Hollow Fandisc | Dance

Overall I enjoyed all three stories, and it was great to see the dragon sisters on my screen once again. Like last time, I enjoyed the AfterDays stories more than the DarkChronicles one. I’m more of a law route guy than chaos. These are pretty short at a couple hours each, but each disc has three or four fantastic H-scenes with some very high quality artwork. These are well worth the coin for VenusBlood HOLLOW fans and if the sisters were your favorite, this a must buy at the $4.99 price tag for each.

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