Denpasoft have announced that Chloro’s psychological science-fiction visual novel 2236 A.D. will release on Friday. This title promises lots of intrigue, alternate realities, and plenty of techo jargon! The Visual Novel retails for $14.99, but there is a limited time 10% discount. The Denpasoft version is 18+, and Sekai project has also announced a Steam release.

Our story truly starts 5 years before,in the Spring of 2231 A.D. Humanity now communicates mainly via telepathic abilities after an unknown disaster fell upon the world. Most of humanity’s history has been lost,and society was rebuilt based on the only remaining records of that time, called the Akashic Phones.When Yotsuba meets a mysterious girlwho cannot communicate via telepathy, that’s when everything changes. He finds a mysterious object in the snow, a screwdriver… What is this thing that will unravel his whole world?Features:

•Cryptic narrative with puzzles to solve

•Different routes and 3 different endings with each their own ending song

•Unlock special scenes and endings after the first playthrough

About Chloro

Chloro is a doujin game circle based in Japan focused on the development of niche and underground subculture games exploring the themes of science, mania and knowledge. 2236 their first title released in English

Steve Baltimore
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