NIS America has announced that Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA will launching with a ton of bonus DLC on the the Nintendo Switch. This DLC includes costumes, clings and more.

Here is a full list of freebies:

Items for All Characters:
• Deserted Pirate Costume
• Hug Hug Pals: Feena, Lilia, and Dark
• Stylish Glasses (x 6)
• Ancient Masks: (x 3)

Items for Adol, Laxia, Ricotta, and Dana:
• Tropic Swimwear

Item for Laxia:
• Eternian Scholar Costume

You can find out more information about this bonus content on the official site.

If you snag up the day one Adventurer’s Edition, you also get a reversible cover, an exclusive foil pack of three character cards and a double-sided mini-poster featuring Mysterious Maiden Dana and the Isle of Seiren Map. The game releases on June 26th in North America, and June 29th in Europe.

Steve Baltimore
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