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The physical Kickstarter for AOKANA: Four Rhythms Across the Blue is underway and the campaign has already smashed through 4 of their stretch goals, and they’re close to hitting their 5th at €70,000. In light of the near achievement of this goal, NekoNyan has revealed the contents of the 6th stretch goal which is €80,000. If the campaign reaches the 6th stretch goal, NekoNyan will begin development of a Nintendo Switch port for AOKANA. The Switch port will be identical to the Japanese Switch version and will include English and Chinese language options. NekoNyan plans to release the digital Switch version in Q1 2020 if the goal is reached.

The company also plans to add some new features to this port which the original game didn’t have. The planned features are as follows:

  • A Music Gallery mode where you will be able to replay all the BGM tracks, songs and opening movies.
  • A Sprite Viewer which will allow you to watch all your favorite girls in all their glory and create your own scenes
  • A Voice Line Bookmarks feature for storing your favorite voice lines
  • Quality of life options such as a chapter skip function

NekoNyan has also mentioned that they plan to add another mystery stretch goal at a later date. And in other news, the company also revealed last week that they will bring AOKANA Extra1, an after story focusing on Mashiro Arisaka, to the west as well.

Are you excited for the potential Switch port? What other stretch goals do you hope to see from this campaign?

Patrick Aguda
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