PlayStation One

Relive the history of PlayStation from the very beginning with the PlayStation (PS1) Anthology Book: Classic Edition. Packed with over 400 pages, the book is chock full of details about the PlayStation One’s life, death, and more. The anthology also contains interviews with people who helped shape the PlayStation One into what it became along with a collection of the greatest games on the console.

PlayStation (PS1) Anthology Book: Classic Edition is available for pre-order here for £39.99, and it does appear that Funstock Retro does ship worldwide. The work was made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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PlayStation One

Sony’s first forray into the home console market burst onto the scene in 1994 and in doing so redefined our understanding of what a games console could do. The PlayStation introduced us to the likes of Gran Turismo and Silent Hill, while the stunning 3D graphics took Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy into a whole new dimension (literally!).

Now, thanks to GeeksLine publishing, you can throw yourself back into one of the most exciting periods in the history of gaming…

Year after year the PlayStation played host to the best games of the era, including an array of sought-after special editions. The PlayStation Anthology takes you on a whistle-stop tour of all the very best examples – each one brought to life with crisp, colourful images. For the collectors, look no further than the definitive list of all 4150 titles.


Circle / Square / Triangle / Cross

PlayStation One

Even the most capable consoles could be flawed by a poor joypad, but this was never an issue for Sony. A regular on lists of the most definitive controllers of all time – find out exactly how the PlayStation controller came to be. From the SNES-inspired beginnings to the dual-analogue concept that remains the industry standard to this day.


Meet those who shaped the console’s success

PlayStation One | Hideaki Itsuno interview

26 exclusive interviews provide insight into every aspect of the the console’s evolution and success. From the commercial and marketing powerhouse that was Sony, to the development of the unique boundary-pushing games which catapulted the PlayStation into the stratosphere! It remains in the top 5 best-selling consoles of all time to this day.


The PlayStation World Brought to Life

PlayStation One

While much of the recent momentum behind retro gaming has focused on earlier platforms, The PlayStation Anthology proudly sticks a flag in the ground for the iconic platform of the modern console era: The PlayStation 1. With 440 detailed, full colour pages, it does so in a way which will satisfy both the enthusiast and the person who chances to pick it up from the coffee table.




  • A full history of the machine itself – from development to retirement.
  • The definitive games collection – including the best of the special editions
  • 26 exclusive Interviews with those who shaped the console’s success
  • Enemy Retaliation – the challengers to the PS1’s crown
  • An insight into the “Sony Miracle” and the history of the company


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For more than 4 year now, Geeks-Line publishes high quality books that document the history of video games. Our books go in-depth into the most iconic game systems recognizing their impact, telling their origin story through interviews of key developers that made their success, and reviewing the entire game library. This is not the case in this book. The collectors guide inventories all the games ever published and in every territory.

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