This past weekend, Square Enix dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III amid the D23 Expo Japan. The new footage confirmed the presence of a Monsters, Inc. world and that the film’s stars Mike and Sully will aid monsterized versions of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in battle.

On top of that, a new member of New Organization XIII, Marluxia, was shown confronting Sora and company. Marluxia was introduced previously in 2004’s Chain of Memories for Game Boy Advance.

The new Monsters, Inc. world was previously leaked through screenshots of a development build. The images line up with what the new footage demonstrates, as you’ll be fighting the Heartless in and around the Monsters, Inc. factory. It joins fellow new Disney and Pixar worlds such as Tangled and Toy Story.

A second new Kingdom Hearts III trailer confirmed the game’s new musical anthem from series stalwart Hikaru Utada, entitled “Don’t Think Twice.” This marks the third unique song from the singer to grace the series total, following “Simple and Clean” from the first game and “Sanctuary” from Kingdom Hearts II.

As of the latest trailer, Kingdom Hearts III is slated for release sometime in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The long-anticipated RPG is being developed at Square Enix’s Osaka studio with 100 members from the Tokyo studio assisting. Old faithful, Tetsuya Nomura, continues his role as director, with the game approximately half-way through development.

Alex Irish
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