Peach Beach Splash | Super Sonico Splash Attack!

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NSFW Warning: The following video contains slippery sexy shinobi spraying sensational showers skillfully. Or, in other words, this is Senran Kagura, why would you watch this at work?

Episode 18: Super Sonico Splash Attack!

Welcome back to another episode of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash!

Today we finally start closing in on the finale of this playthrough, for today we start the V-Road Challenge.

This four cup tournament will test even the greatest shinobi soaker as they need to survive 20 rounds of combat total to claim complete victory.

However, it won’t be a shinobi we’re following. No instead we’ll be tackling this challenge alongside a normal young girl who thought she had signed up for a gravure photoshoot.

Time for Super Sonico to do her very best in the first half of the V-Road Challenge this week on Peach Beach Splash!

Additional Thoughts & Notes:

Well, we finally made it. The V-Road Challenge. Our last major obstacle before we end this playthrough… or is it?

Having recorded the next few weeks worth of episodes alongside this one, I can safely say that I found the V-Road Challenge to be cathartic. Honestly, Peach Beach Splash is best when it drops the story and stages and is just a Third-Person Shooter. While it’s still not something I’d play to unwind, like Dynasty Warriors, I am finally having fun once again here. Heck, I even act like more of a goofball at times here. So apologies in advance for when I just randomly start saying things in horrible accents. XD

As for Sonico, the reason I chose her for this run is that I honestly like the character. What I know about her comes from watching the first half of the Super Sonico anime that came out a few years ago. And while I only watched that first half, it did leave an impact. She’s just such a nice, pleasant, and likable person! You can’t help but admire her and how she gives her all with every task. So, because of that when I learned she was DLC in PBS I knew I had to use her for something. Might as well be this, ne?

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