Eiyu*Senki – 01 – Descent From the Heavens!

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Eiyu*Senki | Descent From the Heavens!

Time to start another adventure and this time we’re taking over the world!

Hello everyone and welcome to our next little adventure in the Oprainfall Plays series!

Today we’ll begin our quest for world peace in Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest. However, as many of you know Eiyu*Senki is a visual novel. So how can you really do a Let’s Play of the game without resorting to just narrating dialogue and spoiling everything? The answer, a screenshot LP.

While it’s not a format I’ve tried before, I think it makes the most sense for a game like this. This way I can share my journey through the game with you while trying to avoid several plot details. Granted, just like a walkthrough certain things, such as bosses, are obviously going to be spoiled. So keep that in mind.

That all being said, this update will be a little different since the beginning of the game sets up the backstory. Thus, we have no choice but to talk about it. And there is a lot of backstory to get through. So we better get started!

Episode 01: Descent From the Heavens!

Our story begins with an ominous voice.

Eiyu* Senki | Zipang

Hey, it’s not the size of the battle that counts, but how you use it.

This is Zipang, though I can’t help but feel it looks somewhat familiar. Anyway, before we dwell on this too much the voice continues

Eiyu*Senki | The Law of The World

Death, taxes, and constant battles. The absolutes in this world apparently.

The voice goes on to claim that order can be brought through chaos. Thus chaos should be brought upon the world. Kinda an odd line of thinking there, but sure why not. We’re already hearing voices, after all, might as well follow what they say. In fact, as if doing exactly that our next stop is a battlefield.

As two forces clash, the commander in charge claims that they are invincible and cannot lose. In fact, they’re already planning our a punishment for the opposing army.

Eiyu*Senki | Tickle Torture

Not the back of foot! What kind of horrible monster are you?!

Before they can get too excited however a messenger appears with some news. Apparently, their entire army has been defeated. The leader, Himiko, can’t fathom why this occurred. A quick explanation from one of her subordinates sheds some light on the great military mind that Himiko possesses.

Eiyu*Senki | Himiko's Strategy

Not only does her strategy suck, but considering “were” is missing in that sentence I think we can assume Himiko isn’t good at grammar checks either.

Not willing to merely turn tail and run, Himiko decides to take advantage of an obvious trap… by walking right into it. This, of course, goes about as well as you’d expect. Himiko’s forces are surrounded and the enemy commander who is none other than Oda Nobunaga.

Eiyu*Senki | Nobunaga

Clearly, the true hero has arrived!

Turns out that Nobunaga and Himiko have quite the history. While Himiko tries to insult Nobunaga about her chest size, Nobunaga doesn’t bite. She merely throws the insult right back at Himiko and shows us the priestess’ true colors.

Eiyu*Senki | Himiko's a Dick

Wow, Himiko’s a dick. Seriously are we sure we’re on the right side here?

Realizing the trouble she’s actually in, Himiko decides to pull her trump card. Fantasizing what’s going to happen to her at the hands of Nobunaga. One short H-Scene featuring hot wax and whips later…

Eiyu*Senki | Himiko's Imagination

Yep, she just blurted out said fantasy to everyone in the local vicinity. Our hero everyone!

Nobunaga decides enough is enough and forces Himiko to retreat under threat of musket fire. On the way home, it begins to pour. As if this wasn’t bad enough, bandits suddenly appear and attack Himiko’s army. Of course, her already demoralized troops are no match for this surprise attack. Just as things look their worst a lone figure falls from the sky right in front of Himiko.

Eiyu*Senki | The Hero Appears

DYGENGUAR KENZAN! …wait, wrong game.

Super Robot Wars references aside, this lone hero from the heavens decides to aid Himiko and thus our first battle begins.

Since this post is already going to be long I’ll save an explanation of combat mechanics for later. For now, I just click and drag ??? and Himiko onto the grid and begin the battle.

Eiyu*Senki | First Battle

I don’t know guys, that 300 HP is quite a lot against our 860. Not sure how we’ll win this one.

Yeah, I think you can guess that we won. Promptly after this, however, our hero collapses on top of Himiko.

Eiyu*Senki | Priorities

Good to know that Himiko’s mind is in the right place after a battle.

This line of thinking leads her to image said firm masculine man to be her older brother. Looks like someone wants to be our imouto. Too bad she’s kind of a jerk. Anyway, this leads directly into the opening movie just to remind us that we are indeed playing Eiyu*Senki and to introduce us to all the characters we’ve yet to meet.

Once the movie finishes we resume the story from our hero’s perspective. We see flashes of several memories that don’t make a lot of sense when put together. I think our hero says it best here.

Eiyu*Senki - Memories

Yeah, falling from the sky will do that you. Plus Himiko is kinda lacking in the chest department. Probably didn’t have much cushioning when you fell on her.

Our hero awakens in a nice Japanese style room. Which at first he thinks might be a movie set. This leads him to think he’s possibly an actor. However, he can’t recall anything about himself. While you may instantly want to write off the plot as just another “hero from a parallel world” story, the actual truth is quite interesting and one of the biggest mysteries of Eiyu*Senki. I won’t spoil it, but suffice to say, give the writers a chance on this one. Anyways, back to the present.

Our hero tries to get out of bed but he’s still pretty banged up causing him to fall just outside the door. Himiko decides to walk in carrying food for him and promptly steps on him then drops the tray she’s holding. One apology later, Himiko explains a couple of things to us.

First, we’re currently known as the “Servant of Heaven” since we fell from the sky. Second, we are not related to her, but since she doesn’t know our name she’s been calling us “Big Brother”. Third, Himiko is Queen of Yamatai, which is in the southern part of Zipang.

Eiyu*Senki | Yamatai

Seems like this world is both very familiar and yet very different to our hero.

Before our hero can dwell upon why certain things seem familiar, he decides he really should be getting home. Which causes Himiko to panic since she wants our hero to stick around for one very important reason:

Eiyu*Senki | World Conquest

Yes, Himiko wants to take over the world. (Of course!)

In an effort to get us to stick around, she makes the best pitch ever.

Eiyu*Senki | Sales Pitch

A hedge trimmer?! How can I refuse this completely amazing offer?

Thankfully another woman steps into to save us from Himiko’s evil plan.

Eiyu*Senki | Takeru

So you’re the person who should be in charge then. Nice to meet you!

Thankfully, Takeru is the sensible sort of person and decides the best way to explain things is to show us them. So she takes us for a tour of the city. After confirming with our own eyes that we are indeed in feudal Japan. We begin to ask a few questions. Namely about various people and places.

Eiyu*Senki | Heroes

One thing I like about our main character is that he’s not an idiot. Rather than just be a bystander he’s actively trying to figure out his situation.

The fact that several historical figures exist is certainly puzzling enough, however, an additional wrinkle is that they’re all women. Our hero has a hard time wrapping his head around this since it flies in the face of history books. Takeru though has a simple solution to his disbelief.

Eiyu*Senki | Takeru's Body

Well, that escalated quickly…

Thankfully our hero is the modest type and declines the offer. Taking Takeru at her word after that. The conversation quickly turns to Himiko’s desire of world conquest. Himiko apparently comes from a line of diviners. Thus she feels that she’s perfectly suited to take over the world for some reason. Even odder is the fact she starts campaigning right there.

Eiyu*Senki | Himiko the Idol

I thought you were trying to take over the world, not win an idol competition.

Takeru just chalks this up to a fit of temporary insanity. She also points out that Himiko can’t even use her divination powers properly and that her popularity is plummeting. Ouch… However, Takeru does say that Himiko is a good person at heart. Just that she’s a bit rowdy. Since we’re still recovering we decide to stay in the capital and Takeru offers to show us around once we feel better. That day comes soon enough.

Eiyu*Senki | Our Hero

Hey, we finally get to see what the main character looks like. Gotta be honest, I always found this design to be a little cluttered, but overall I like it.

During our walk, we decide to pay a visit to the training grounds in hopes that holding a sword will jog our memory. While we’re not at 100%, neither is Takeru and that means she thinks this will be an interesting experience. She challenges us to a single-strike battle and we accept.

Eiyu*Senki | God-Slaying Blade

Well, we’re doomed.

Takeru unleashes her signature attack, the Tsumugari no Tachi on us to show she’s serious. Of course, we’re able to deflect the blow and thus the battle ends… with us injuring our back. Takeru can’t help but find this amusing and thus decides to train us. On the way back home Himiko reveals to us exactly why she wants to conquer the world.

Eiyu*Senki | Reason for Conquest

So in order to save the world from disaster, you want to take it over?

While the idea still seems slightly suspicious, it’s apparent that Himiko’s heart is in the right place. Also during this conversation, we’re given the opportunity to name our hero. I stuck with the default name of “Chihaya”. With these revelations, we decide to stick around and help Himiko for the time being. At the least, we owe her for caring for us plus Takeru us going to train us. Speaking of which.

Eiyu*Senki | Takeru Joins

Party member get!

We obtain our first party member! And she’s pretty strong too, which should probably tell you something if you’re a veteran of games like these. Hint, Hint.

After gaining Takeru’s assistance, we skip ahead to several weeks later where everyone is pretty busy. Takeru is training the army, Chihaya is patrolling the mountains, and Himiko is doing the most important job. Signing paperwork. Things, however, take a more serious turn that evening as a group of bandits attacks.

Eiyu*Senki | Noobs

You’re supposed to be from ancient Japan. How do you know that word?

Turns out though that this has all been a clever trap set by Himiko. Seems she had a vision, the first in awhile, of the bandit’s attack. Seeing that the people who took him in needed his help, Chihaya offers his assistance to the cause and leads some of the Yamatai forces into battle alongside Takeru and Himiko. Thus begins our second fight.

Eiyu*Senki | New Himiko Army

Time for our second battle. Yeah, I don’t think these guys stand much a chance either.

With the bandits dealt with our party returns home and begins discussing the fact that a bandit army is kind of an odd thing. Someone has to be pulling the strings here and there’s only one person we can think of, Nobunaga. With that bit of detective work done Himiko decides this is the chance, she’s been waiting for.

Eiyu*Senki | World Conquest Resumed!

You know Himiko, it kind of sounds diabolical when you put it that way.

Before we can set our sights on the world though we need to unite Zipang and that means making our way to Edo and Nobunaga. Unfortunately, that means we need to take over Kyoto first. Which means we have two powerful enemies right off the bat.

Eiyu*Senki | Kyoto

Somehow I don’t think offering them milk and cookies is going to do much. Better start prepping the army.

Finally, with our goals explained, we’re taken to the World Map and that’s where we’ll end our update today.

Eiyu*Senki | World Map

And with that, we’re finally given control. It’s a big world out there, but we got to start with uniting Zipang first.

Additional Thoughts and Notes:

As you can see, Eiyu*Senki is massive. All of this was just the introduction that got us to turn 1. It’s long, but very satisfying still.

One thing I do enjoy is that we see how good-natured Chihaya is right from the start. Sure he’s confused but he’s polite as a general rule and doesn’t take advantage of Takeru’s offer to see her naked when other VN/eroge heroes probably would. Really though, I can sum up just how good he is with this one image.

Eiyu*Senki | Chihaya's Character

Yes, it’s a bit cheesy, but it does show that Chihaya’s heart is in the right place.

Aside from Chihaya, we get to know Himiko, Nobunaga, and Takeru in this section. I’ll save my thoughts for Nobunaga later, but as for Himiko and Takeru. I like them both.

I make a lot of fun of Himiko, but a lot of that is me being snarky. In the end, she is a good person. Just a little eccentric. Takeru meanwhile is the grounding point for Himiko. She keeps the young queen on the right path for her people. We’ll get to know both these characters later, but in short, I like them.

Eiyu*Senki | Bandit Butt

Prepare to be tickled into submission!

One final note. I’m playing the 18+ version so I’ll notate where H-scenes occur just to keep track of progress. However, if eroge isn’t your thing no worries! The all-ages version of the game plays exactly the same way. So feel free to follow along and utilize my successes and failures to your advantage.

Next time we begin our march towards Edo. See you next week everyone!

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Eiyu*Senki | Good-bye

Himiko actually bids the player good-bye when you close the game. Kind of a neat touch, ne? See you next week!

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