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Neo Geo World Tour

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, SNK with the help of TKO ESPORT are organizing a series of gaming events and tournaments to be part of the new “NEO GEO World Tour” and the “King of King of Fighters”. Not too unlike the Capcom Pro Tour, these events are designed to bring together fans so they can play and compete in the various SNK games they love. The tour will begin this month in Los Angeles at the Retro City Festival but will be going to locations around the world throughout the year. For more information on the schedule and some of the games that will be featured, check out the press release below:

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, SNK, a global leader in the gaming
industry, today announces that it is partnering with TKO ESPORT to launch a series of
international gaming events, the “NEO GEO World Tour (NGWT)” and “King of the
King of Fighters” (KOKOF).


NEO GEO World Tour
The NEO GEO brand, which was launched by SNK in 1990, is still currently loved by
enthusiastic players all over the world. The “NEO GEO World Tour” will gather a variety of
such masterpieces of game franchises, in the form of eSports tournament to allow players to
compete for the championship.


Game titles to be included in the “NEO GEO World Tour” – Los Angeles stop,
presented by ArcadeWorks

Fatal Fury Special Samurai Shodown 2

*rulesets and details to be announced shortly


Be the “King of King of Fighters (KOKOF)”
Will you make it to the 3-on-3 ultimate all-star matchup?

The King of Fighters (KOF) series is one of the all-time favorite for SNK fans worldwide.
The “King of King of Fighters (KOKOF)” tournament will feature 3 different “KOF” titles
for eSports competitions, final winners would have to challenge themselves on a special 3-
on-3 all-star battle tournament, in order to get the best of the best championship title.


Game titles to be included in the “KOKOF” tournament

The King of Fighters 98 The King of Fighters 2002 The King of Fighters XIV

*rulesets and details to be announced shortly


“NEO GEO World Tour” and “KOKOF” World Tournament Schedule (tentative)

20 January to 21 January 2018 Retro City Festival 2018, Los Angeles
24 February 2018 MAGIC 2018, Monaco
Mid 2018 Singapore (to be confirmed)
Mid 2018 RETRO HK Gaming Expo 2018, Hong Kong
Within 2018 Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, London, Brazil, Mexico (to be confirmed)

Source: Press Release

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