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Bayonetta 2 Switch Includes Co-Op Mode & amiibo Costumes

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Nintendo UK has detailed the new Tag Climax Mode and amiibo functionality exclusive to the Nintendo Switch port of Bayonetta 2.

The Tag Climax Mode will allow 2 players to play co-op against hordes of demons and angels. The mode is playable both online and local wireless, with no single Switch option for splitscreen.

Join forces with a friend – whether across the room or across the world – to fight through waves of enemies in the local and online multiplayer Tag Climax mode***. Choose from a range of powerful characters, and give angels and demons a beating that’s as brutal as it is beautiful.

The Switch port of Bayonetta 2 will also work with select amiibo, where the original Wii U version (and the port of the original) did not offer the option. Nintendo UK details the figures will unlock Nintendo-themed costumes, assumed to be the same unlocks from the Wii U game. The Nintendo costumes across both games included Peach, Fox McCloud, Link, and Samus Aran, each with their own special weapons. If you don’t have amiibo, all the costumes will be unlockable through normal play.

By tapping in compatible amiibo (sold separately), you can instantly unlock a number of Nintendo-themed costumes**** for Bayonetta to wear, weapons to use and more!

The enhanced port of Bayonetta 2 will launch February 16th along with the original Bayonetta. While the sequel gets a physical Switch game card, the original game is digital-only and will be served at retail via a download code. If you’re buying via the eShop, there’s a tangled pricing scheme for the pair you’ll want to know about. Bayonetta 3 was also recently announced for the Switch, due sometime in the far off future.

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