Nintendo has outlined pricing on the digital release for the forthcoming release of Bayonetta 2 and its predecessor on Nintendo Switch this February. While retail shoppers of Bayonetta 2 will net a free digital code for the first game, the eShop release will have several avenues to acquire both.

If you purchase Bayonetta 2 via the Switch eShop, it will cost $49.99 USD, or $10 cheaper than the retail package. If you purchase the sequel, you can purchase Bayonetta 1 for $9.99 USD. Conversely, if you chose to purchase only the first game, it will cost $29.99 USD, and you can download the sequel for the same $29.99. Either way, you’ll be paying a full $60 MSRP if you want both entries.

Bayonetta 2, which was previously a Wii U exclusive first released in October 2014, will be released on the Switch February 16, 2018. Fans in Europe, Australia, and Japan will also be able to purchase a limited edition retail package that includes both games housed within a steel case and a host of extra goodies. This dual re-release precedes the just-announced Bayonetta 3 exclusive to the Switch and developed once again by Platinum Games.

Bayonetta 2 Special Edition
Bayonetta Special Edition, releasing everywhere outside of North America

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