Peach Beach Splash | The Perfect Ghost Hunters of Shinomon

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NSFW Warning: The following video contains slippery sexy shinobi spraying sensational showers skillfully. Or, in other words, this is Senran Kagura, why would you watch this at work?

Episode 15: The Perfect Ghost Hunters of Shinomon

Welcome back everyone to the final episode of Oprainfall Plays Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash for 2017!

This year has been a trying one, but the girls of PBS have been keeping us company during it. Thankfully, today is no different.

This time Sōji resumes her quest to make Homura remember her, Kafuru sets out to become a Shinomon master, and Miyabi recruits the other leaders into helping her conquer her fear of ghosts.

That’s all on today’s heart-pounding episode of Peach Beach Splash!

Additional Thoughts and Notes

Time to close out 2017 with one final episode of Peach Beach Splash!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who has watched or commented on any of the Oprainfall Plays episodes this year. To say 2017 was a trying year would be an understatement, as such Oprainfall Plays has been a good way of trying to relax and unwind. While it’s only one episode a week at the moment, I hope to possibly expand this project next year. We’ll see, but for now onto PBS.

As for this episode, it’s another set of Paradise Episodes. This time we tackled Sōji’s reason for despising Homura; Kafuru, Murasaki, and Hibari playing Shinomon GOzaru; and finally, we went on a ghost hunt with Miyabi and the other three leaders. Let’s tackle these in order.

First Sōji’s episode was actually pretty good. It explains her reasons for having a grudge against Homura right off the bat and the rest of the story is about resolving that issue. Putting you in close quarters starting positions (I’m looking at you Ryōbi) was probably not the best idea though. This is a game where distance and angles are important. Starting like that gave all the advantage to Ryōbi’s sniper rifle since a point-blank shot from that hurts. Even so, it’s a fun side story. The same can also be said for the next story as well.

While references to Pokémon GO are rather commonplace now, Peach Beach Splash was originally released in March on 2017. So the timing makes a little more sense there. It’s certainly a little dated now, but the story as a whole is harmless fun. The resolution makes me want to bang my head against a wall (seriously Hibari…) but the message is a good one. It’s better to play with friends than alone and I agree. Sadly, I will not be doing that with this game’s online multi-player however. I’ll stick with my weekly Mario Kart and Mario Party 2 sessions. Speaking of references the last story certainly invokes one for me, Ghostbusters.

“Ghost Hunt” really invokes the idea of a Senran Kagura version of Ghostbusters in my mind. While it’s been years since I’ve seen either movie, the idea of four people getting together to look for ghosts just invokes that image. I have to wonder if that was intentional or if there’s a similar analog in Japan. Regardless, once again Miyabi gets to show off why she’s awesome by the end of this. Despite my incompetent playing. I do get a laugh out of Homura and Asuka, but still, this was Miyabi’s show.

And with that, I once again thank you for watching and reading this. 2017 may have been a stress-filled year, but I’m hopeful 2018 will be an awesome one.

See you next year everyone!

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