PlayStation 4 Controller?

Earlier today, Destructoid showed this picture of a supposed controller and dev kit for the rumored next PlayStation console. As you can see, there appears to be some kind of touchpad in the middle of the controller where the Start and Select buttons are usually located, with the Home button having been moved to the bottom of the controller. The analog sticks appear to have a slight change in appearance and there’s some kind of blue light at the top. There also appears to be what looks like a speaker in between the home button and the touch pad.

Even if this were an actual controller for the next PlayStation console, it may not be the final version. According to Destructoid, developers seem to have had access to several variations of the new controller, of which this version might be one. With the PlayStation announcement in less than a week, we might see what this new PlayStation console will look like. Then again, we don’t even know what Sony will be announcing, so it’s best to take all this with a bit of salt.

UPDATE: Both IGN and Kotaku now are claiming that sources now tell them this is indeed a prototype. However, Sony will not confirm anything replying with the typical “we cannot commit on rumors or speculation”.


Kyle Emch
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