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Party Planet is now available for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Teyon and is being published by Mastiff. The game is available digitally in the Nintendo eShop and physically in GameStop and EB Games stores across North America. Either version of the game will cost you $39.99.

Party Planet is a fun-packed collection of party games you can play with up to 4 players. There are 30 different games which you’ll climb, run, jump, sail, rocket, shoot and even putt your way across. The more you explore and play, the more games you will you unlock. There is both cooperative and competitive play. You can enjoy either single player or local multiplayer with only one Nintendo Switch system and one copy of the game to play anywhere you’d like.

Party Planet is rated E for everyone. Anyone can enjoy this game with 18 of the games being multiplayer friendly. In this title you’ll find everything from puzzle, to action, to sports. Check out the new gameplay debut trailer below, where you’ll see some of the games included shown off.

Jenae R
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