Anomaly Defenders
Anomaly Defenders Pre-Orders Open, Get Anomaly 2 for Free.

11 bit studios has announced that the PC version of Anomaly Defenders, the upcoming reverse-tower-offense (aka tower defense) game, is now available for pre-order via the company’s Games Republic platform. For just $8.99 (regular price $9.99) you’ll get a Steam key and a DRM-free version of Anomaly Defenders when it launches, as well as a free copy of the acclaimed Anomaly 2 right now.

Watch the new trailer to find out more about the units available to you in Anomaly Defenders:

About Games Republic
Games Republic is a digital platform created by 11 bit studios. At gamers will find not only a place to get their favorite titles, but also a user friendly set of tools to create their own marketplace. To anyone with a blog, YouTube channel or stream, Games Republic is an  opportunity to turn it into a revenue stream. It’s easy: earn money on promoting the games you love and making even more videos and stories for your community! Check out the cute video explaining how it works:

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