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Earth Romancer is a new game developed by Lunar Hare Studios, planning to be a hit for the platformer brawler genre. The project is being led by competitive gamer Blank Mauser himself. Taking cues from Super Smash Bros and even Marvel vs Capcom, it is set in the universe called Xamsara. The universe is inhabited by Arcanum, mystical creatures that are attracted to emotions and dreams.

From Blank Mauser himself:

“There have been many great platform brawlers, and I have played many of them, some, even competitively. I have always thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if Smash Bros had this’ or ‘how awesome would it be if Marvel vs Capcom had that’, but instead of waiting for someone to create a truly all-encompassing platform fighting game, I decided to do it myself,” said Blank Mauser, CEO, Lunar Hare Studios. “Earth Romancer stands on the shoulders of giants in this genre, liberally taking what makes them great, and combining those features into a complete action-packed platforming fighting experience sprinkled with new mechanics I have always wanted.”

The game will feature the following gameplay elements:

  • Dash and jump through projectiles for a bullet-hell experience.
  • Spawn stage objects in order to gain an advantage.
  • Unique air actions for each character.
  • Choose between two play modes, Redshift and Blueshift. They can even be combined and switched mid-combat.

The game will have a vibrant aesthetic as well. The music score will be inspired by old-school platformers and classic RPGs. Earth Romancer is set to be launched on PC and consoles, though which consoles specifically is not mentioned. There is also a fig campaign in order to finalize development for a release at Q1 2019. The campaign can be found here. A trailer can also be found below.


Source: PR

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