Episode Ignis | Ravus

Ignis’ episode for Final Fantasy XV is now available through DLC. Set against the backdrop of the Trial of Leviathan, it is a brand-new storyline as Ignis protects Noctis. It will even feature different endings based on the player’s decisions. He shall be joined by Ravus, where Ravus is looking to rescue his sister Lunafreya. The DLC will cost 4.99 as a standalone package in Xbox Games store or the PlayStationStore. It will also be available through the season pass.

Features include enhancing Ignis’ spelldaggers with elemental properties and “total clarity”, an ability that allows Ignis to target and attack multiple enemies at once. Ravus will be the comrade of this episode. By completing the episode, players can even battle Noctis himself, who can wield Ring Magic and the Armiger. Yasunori Mitsuda also composed three music tracks for the episode specifically.

The multiplayer expansion, Comrades,  will also have a free update. The new Time Quest will allow players to defeat as many enemies as possible and exchange rewards for buffs. Another free update this month will also grant the ability to swap between the four main party members in the main game. Elements will be included from all of the episodes where the player will go back to Noctis at the end of each fight.

Episode Ignis | Ignis vs Noctis

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