Peach Beach Splash | Ecchi Kaizoku Sentai Senran Kagura

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NSFW Warning: The following video contains slippery sexy shinobi spraying sensational showers skillfully. Or, in other words, this is Senran Kagura, why would you watch this at work?


Episode 10: Ecchi Kaizoku Sentai Senran Kagura

Welcome back to a very different episode of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash!

It’s time for a little revenge. With Jet-K & Jet-R still haunting me, I decide to call upon the best pirate team out there to teach not just them, but all the bosses so far a lesson.

That’s right, today we fight alongside those girls who sail the pervy seas looking for the biggest of booty to plunder.

They are… Ecchi Kaizoku Sentai Senran Kagura!

Additional Thoughts and Notes

If you couldn’t already tell, this episode should be taken with a grain of salt as it’s meant to be more fun than anything else.

Basically, this me trying to have some fun with the game once again since both the Gessen and Crimson Squad Arcs left me a bit unhappy. Mainly due to frustration with the difficulty curve. However, now that I’ve upgraded Katsuragi and every weapon, these fights are a joke. As for the name of the episode, well I can explain a little more about that.

The idea comes from trying to make a Super Sentai team of Senran Kagura characters. I’m sure there are better team combinations out there and better names, but I actually am quite fond of “Captain Katsuragi” since I used that costume quite a bit in Estival Versus. I seriously want her and Karen Kujo from Kinmoza to team up and sail the seas looking for booty and blondes.

For those curious, the name itself roughly translates to Pervy Pirate Team Senran Kagura. Though I’ve found several translations for ecchi so take your take our pick there. However, the idea was to create a name that would feel at home in the Senran Kagura universe and I think I did an ok job at that. Who knows, maybe one day there actually could be something like that done officially.

Anyways, I apologize for my rambling and horrible accents during this episode. As I said, this was the fun episode meant to help rerail this train. Next time, we delve into P-1 and that episode will be out today too, so be sure to take a look.

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