Nicalis is proud to announce in their press release that VVVVVV has flipped its way onto the Nintendo Switch in both North America and Europe today. Players can grab the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop now for $9.99 (North America) or 9,99€ (Europe). It has been given a rating of E by the ESRB. The game includes additional game modes to be unlocked as well. They include things like No Death Mode, Time Trials Mode, Flip Mode, and more. You also have the new option of teaming up with a friend in these modes. President of Nicalis, Tyrone Rodriguez, gave the following comments on the game:

“Like many of the essential classic video games, VVVVVV uses solid colors and basic shapes to get information into your brain as quickly as possible, so you can focus on the gameplay and let your imagination fill in the abstract details. It’s almost like a pre-1980 game in that way, except it’s huge and it has an awesome, super-catchy soundtrack!”


VVVVVV drops you into the boots of Captain Viridian. Tasked with finding your missing crewmates, you must explore this retro 8-bit styled world screen by screen. The captain can’t jump and has no fancy equipment and no fancy tools. He can only run left and right to find the missing crew of his spaceship, but players can also flip the direction of gravity with a simple button press to avoid some obstacles and continue exploring.

VVVVVV was developed by distractionware. Its creator, Terry Cavanagh, is an independent game developer from Monaghan, Ireland. He is currently living in London, and is known for other games like Don’t Look Back and Super Hexagon.

Michael Fontanini
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