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Unicorn Overlord – Classes, Leaders, Characters and More

Atlus has released more information about its upcoming Vanillaware title, Unicorn Overlord. This includes details on leaders, promotions, new characters and the classes found in the game. Let’s dig in and see what is in store for us in this fantastic looking title.

First let’s dig into the new characters:

Rosalinde (Protagonist’s Ally)
“You are not to drop your guards at any moment.”
A dark elf augur who resides in Elheim. Aide to her elder sister Eltolinde.
She escaped the fall of the capital and is gathering forces for a counterattack.

Eltolinde (Protagonist’s Ally)
“I will aid you however I’m able.”
Rosalinde’s twin sister and the Turenós of Elheim. Unable to resist Zenoira’s onslaught,
she surrendered and chose to lead from within captivity.

Ithilion (Protagonist’s Ally)
“Don’t give up hope just yet. Steel your resolve and strike true!”
A swordsman and knight in service of Elheim.
He was away on a mission when the capital fell to Zenoira. He has led a guerilla force ever since.

Alcina (Protagonist’s Enemy)
“But don’t worry, Alain. We’ll meet again soon enough.”
A witch loyal to the Zenoiran Army. Formerly the court sorceress of Cornia,
she now serves Galerius and appears to be assisting him with some sort of dark scheme.

Baltro (Protagonist’s Enemy)
“You’ll serve as the main course in a banquet of flesh and blood.”
A wizened wizard who serves Galerius. Versed in all manner of dark spells and curses.
His face remains obscured behind his hood, and none have seen the visage beneath.

There will be over 60 classes to choose from in Unicorn Overlord. Each of these will have their own unique abilities and use different weapons. Using each one effectively will change the tide of battle in your favor quickly. Players can choose from classes such as, the Housecarl, that has high attack and can even lower the physical attack of enemy units. Gladiators can hit an entire row of troops with some self healing to boot. Arbalist is a crossbow unit that can pound enemies from the back row, Wyvern Knight can inflict heavy damage infantry and cavalry but arrow and magic are not their friends. These are but a few of the units found in this massive game and they can be promoted to better classes as well, through the use of honor points.

Party leaders will determine how each unit moves and what abilities they will have on the field, these are called Leader Effects. For example, the Housecarl class can easily destroy obstacles like barricades. There are many different types of these effects found in the game, so players will have to experiment to see what works best.


Unicorn Overlord launches March 8, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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