10Tons is proud to announce that their vertical scrolling shoot-em up, Xenoraid, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 17th. They say the game is “accessible to all action game fans regardless of prior shmup genre experience”, which is certainly not a bad thing. Xenoraid features procedurally driven missions, which means that you will not need to memorize the levels to win. The game’s main campaign features over 40 missions to blast your way through and four boss fights. When the game launches in the Nintendo Switch eShop, it will be priced at $9.99. 10tons Ltd. Ceo, Tero Alatalo, commented on the game:

”Xenoraid is a fresh, modern vertically scrolling shooter for the rest of us. Instead of catering solely for the bullet hell aficionado, Xenoraid packs a whole bunch of novel and fresh features rarely seen in the broader vertically scrolling shooter genre, making it an exciting and entertaining experience for any shooter game fan.”

Xenoraid also folds in some strategy with the real-time fighter switching and meta game including fighter management. You have four different fighters that you can switch between, and you can become more powerful with tech and weapon upgrades. Xenoraid also has advanced shooting techniques for players to master, like fighter tilting and weapon heat. There are also a set of three endless survival levels that all feature online leader boards for players to tackle.



Michael Fontanini
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