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Developer Tango Gameworks gave a deep dive look at their upcoming game Ghostwire: Tokyo during the PlayStation 5 February 2022 Showcase, detailing story and gameplay elements of this supernatural action adventure title. You can watch the entire showcase linked above.

“After nearly all of Tokyo’s population mysteriously vanishes, the city is flooded with supernatural creatures,” the trailer states. “Our story begins here, in the fallout of the vanishing. You awake in the deserted streets of Tokyo with an unknown voice inside your head and strange elemental powers coursing through your veins.”

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In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you play as Akito, who must traverse Tokyo with the help of K.K., a spirit possessing Akito’s body. The game features first-person combat using a mystic art known as “Ethereal Weaving” to channel elements at their enemies – an assortment of Japanese ghouls and ghosts – with upgrades available as you play. Players will also be able to use traditional weapons and tools alongside their magical powers. The “Tengu” ability lets you latch onto tengu youkai scattered throughout Tokyo to propel yourself through the air, opening new avenues of traversal. Beware the fog that infests the city, though, as it depletes your health and harbors dozens of dark denizens. There are also areas known as “Utena Spaces” that warp time and space through which the player must travel. The showcase video above goes into further detail on all of these aspects of the game.

The showcase also features developer interviews regarding Ghostwire: Tokyo which are worth checking out. Developers include director Kenji Kimura, composer Masatoshi Yanagi, character designer Reiko Hirashima, environment designer Junya Fujii, game designer Suguru Murakoshi, and programmer Tsuyoshi Okugawa. Questions include how the developers would describe Ghostwire: Tokyo in one word; if they believed in ghosts; how they approached sound design; and what were some major inspirations.

Ghostwire: Tokyo releases March 25, 2022, for the PlayStation 5 and PC for $59.99 USD. Pre-orders are available now.

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