Bonds of the Skies

Bonds of the Skies


Kemco is proud to announce the launch of their new RPG, Bonds of the Skies on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game is a fantasy RPG that tells a tale of friendship between humans and gods. Bonds of the Skies just arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop earlier today. Grabbing a copy of the game will cost you USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 8.99 / AUD 13.00.

Bonds of the Skies features turn-based battles with a formation system where the damage delt by an attack is affected by the distance between the attacker and their target. The game also has a plethora of skills to master, and collecting all of the Grimoas will allow you to unleash the Synchro Skills. There are also a range of achievements to get, quests to conquer, and items to obtain.


The Story

Times have changed in this world. The Grimoas and their existence have become increasingly less relevant in everyday life. The story begins as a young man named Eli is in his coming of age ceremony. Calamity strikes as a demon casts a sea of flame upon the town. Amid the confusion and chaos, Eli joins forces with the Air Grimoa, known as Nogard. They set out to find the demon who engulfed the town in flames, but they will first need to find the other Grimoas and enlist their help to stop the demon’s violence and destruction.


Today’s press release also included a few screenshots, which you can check out below:

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