Time to once again take a trip to a little diner in the “Age of Dusk”

The world had changed. The climate was dry and harsh. Nothing more than a barren wasteland devoid of life-giving water. Humanity was in decline and instead, the “Others” were the dominant species. However, for Leon, Lucia, and Aisia this was merely part of their everyday life. That and the small diner they ran on the outskirts of Sagami Francisco. These three companions continued to live out their lives and survive by delivering lunchboxes to the people of Sagami Francisco. However, sometimes the unexpected can be found out in this wasteland or sometimes it even comes to visit you as is the case in KARAKARA2.

KARAKARA2 is the sequel to KARAKARA which was released in on June 15, 2016, by developer calme and Denpasoft. The two have teamed up again in order to delve back into the “Age of Dusk” and tell another story in this arid world. This time the focus seems to be on two new characters, Mari and Rebecca.

KARAKARA2 | Mari and Rebecca

Mari Mizuno is found nearly starved to death by Leon and company. After lending some aid, she volunteers to be the diner’s guard. The reason? She’s an apprentice ninja! Man, between this and NEKO-NIN exHeart +PLUS Nachi, Denpasoft really seems to really like Ninja’s, huh? However, Mari is not the only new face around Leon’s diner.

Rebecca Valentine has come to the diner specifically to see Leon. For what reason though is a mystery. However, this older sister to everyone is quite gentle and seems to dote on everyone present. Ok, so that’s the premise, but what exactly makes KARAKARA2 special? Well, a lot of that has to do with the talent involved.

This might just be a title screen but look at all the detail in the artwork. It’s quite impressive.

Taira Kato (World End Economica), Nachi Kio (Grisaia), and p19 provide the backgrounds, script, and character designs respectively. And judging from the examples given. They are really nice looking. In fact, the detail to the backgrounds alone is quite impressive. I actually own a copy of KARAKARA and sadly have yet to get around to playing it. However, this does look quite interesting if only to learn about the world itself. But, that’s just my personal opinion.

If KARAKARA2 looks intriguing to you then you can pick it up at the following places and for the following prices:

If you haven’t tried the original KARAKARA yet then you can snag that from these places:

Finally, be sure to check out some information from Denpasoft below about KARAKARA2 as well as check out the gallery.

Happy reading everyone!

Dive back into Leon’s charming world with KARAKARA2!

From developer calme comes the direct sequel to KARAKARA, a visual novel which continues the story of Leon and his companions at the diner. See the world of KARAKARA expand in all directions and show a brand new adventure, where old characters and new will meet and undoubtedly change each other’s lives!


The story of the KARAKARA series takes place during the “Age of Dusk,” a time where hybrids called the “Others” exist in great numbers. On the windswept barrens of a land without moisture, a small gathering of people make their living in a world they no longer know.

Continuing the story from KARAKARA, the three companions Lucia, Aisia, and Leon keep occupied with the business of their small diner, far from the heart of Sagami Francisco. Day after day, they occupy themselves with the endless work of their store. However, the comfortable monotony of their daily lives is turned on its head once again with the arrival of two newcomers.

Leon finds one of them on the brink of starvation and comes to her aid, leading her to respect him greatly. Holding ninjas in great esteem, she trains day and night to be more like them. As gratitude for Leon’s help, she volunteers to guard the diner.

The other is a visitor, who acts very much like she’s everyone’s older sister. Aside from her gentle personality, however, Leon finds out that she is under certain “circumstances”…

  • Returning characters from the original series
  • Two new companions
  • Full-cast Japanese voice acting (except for the protagonist)
  • English and Japanese text display with added bilingual text display option
  • Unlockable GC Gallery and Sound Gallery


  • Stunning backgrounds by Taira Kato (World End Economica, Burst Error: Eve the 1st, Ar Tonelico 3, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift)
  • Script by Nachi Kio (Yumiko’s route in the Grisaia series, Scarlett, AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue)
  • Gorgeous original character design by illustrator p19

KARAKARA2 is now available on Denpasoft for $18.99 with a 10% launch discount for a limited time. For the owners of the Steam version, a DLC to restore the adult content is also available for the price of $9.99.

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