Nintendo’s latest financial report continues to paint a banner year as the Nintendo Switch crossed 7.3 million units shipped worldwide as of September 30th. That’s about half of Wii U’s 13.5 million lifetime across 4.5 years. Nintendo projects to ship 16.74 million units of Switch by March 2018, up from 10 million. 13.98 million software units were sold in the three month quarter, with 27.58 million units sold since March (digital-only games are not counted in the total).

Overall, Nintendo posted a profit for Q2 fiscal year ending March 2018 with 51,503 million Yen in overall profit, 374,041 million Yen in net sales, and an operating profit of 39,961 million Yen. For the fiscal year, Nintendo now projects 120,000 million Yen in operating profit, a 308.7% increase over Fiscal Year 2017. These past six months have seen a 175% bump in sales from the same period a year prior.

For the Nintendo 3DS family, the July launch of the New Nintendo 2DS XL boosted sales a modest 5% for the quarter, although sales are down year-over-year. 3DS now sits within spitting distance of crossing 70 million units lifetime with 68.98 million sold since February 2011. Nintendo also posted that nearly 2 million of the Super NES Classic Edition (and the Super Famicom equivalent in Japan) was sold through the end of September worldwide. By comparison, the NES Classic Edition sold nearly 200k units in the US alone in its debut month last year due to shortages.

Nintendo also updated the million sellers of the Switch, with Zelda: Breath of the Wild on top with 3.92 million units sold. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe follows behind with 3.54 million. Splatoon 2, launched this past July, is a proven hit with 3.61 million units sold. The freshly launched Super Mario Odyssey also crossed 2 million units worldwide in three days since its October 27th debut.

Nintendo also notes that Super Mario Run on mobile has crossed 200 million downloads but has not breached profitability as of yet. On the other hand, Fire Emblem Heroes has been growing in overseas revenue, exceeding even Japan where the game’s micro-transaction model has been the most popular. The game will be patched for Chinese and released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Thailand, and Singapore by the end of the year. The just-announced Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is still on tap to launch worldwide in late November, following a soft roll-out in Australia.

Nintendo’s remaining 2017 includes the launches for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on 3DS, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch. Their next financial report for the third quarter (October 1-December 31) will be issued in late January 2018.

Alex Irish
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