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oprainfall | Eternal Hope


Captivating platformer Eternal Hope launched recently in late August, with its vibrant art style. Since then, the game has been stealing the hearts of critics. It was developed by Doublehit Games, who have released a new trailer to celebrate its success, which you can see below. The game also has a very positive score among players on Steam. It is inspired by games like Limbo and Hollow Knight, and the artistic styles of Studio Ghibli. Players will take on an adventure that sees them hopping between dimensions. You can grab a copy on Steam for $9.99, and they are planning to release it on Xbox One later this year. Here is the new trailer:


Eternal Hope puts players in the role of Ti’bi, a broken-hearted boy haunted by the untimely death of his girlfriend. In his terrible grief, he will venture far beyond the boundaries of our world to be with her once again! He can travel between this world, and the Shadow World (a purgatory-like place). Along the way, he will discover secrets about life and death, and the strange space in between. Ti’bi’s adventure will see him encounter many helpful characters, as well as malevolent ones. You can find out more about Eternal Hope at its official website.

Eternal Hope

Doublehit Games Directer/Sound Designer, Gabriel Oliveira, commented on the game in the press release:

“We’ve achieved our ultimate goal with Eternal Hope: reach the hearts of our players with Ti’bi’s touching story of love and loss. The response has been overwhelmingly positive since Eternal Hope launched and it’s been a surreal experience getting to share our passion for Eternal Hope with the players who have fallen in love with it.”

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