Can you feel it? Is your hair singing for something new and unusual? Are you looking at random people passing by wondering what it would be like to take control of their abilities? If so, that’s probably because tomorrow the latest (and hopefully greatest) new Mario game comes out, Super Mario Odyssey! That’s exciting by itself, but the Nintendo Download has other goodies today as well, including some sales and a whole slew of digital content. Let’s see what’s worth playing this week!

Nintendo Download | Super Mario Odyssey
How elegant!

WAHOO! Yes, everyone’s favorite plumber (still the case, Nintendo) leaps his way to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow in Super Mario Odyssey. I preordered it myself, despite the fact Nintendo refuses to give preorder bonuses to fans of the red capped hero. Odyssey looks utterly fascinating and delightfully strange, with the new “capture” mechanic resulting in a lot of my hype. Here’s hoping the game exceeds expectations, and puts Mario firmly on the Switch map. Less exciting (for me anyways) is Animal Crossing making the leap to mobile. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is bringing it to iOS and Android, and for the many fans of the series, this is certainly good news. Launching in late November, it’s sure to provide hours and hours of casual fun for fans of creepy little animal folk.

Nintendo Download | Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

On the sales front, there’s not a ton, but there are a small handful of sales to discuss. There would be more, but once more the Game Guide is kaput. So the sales here are merely those featured by Nintendo. Here they are – Snake Pass is 50% off for only a week, so if you want to listen to some amazing tunes as you slither around, that’s worth getting. More importantly, Shovel Knight is having a 20% off sale on Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment, which will last until Halloween. Finally, roguelike gem GoNNER is also on sale, though it isn’t specified by how much nor for how long. That’s it for sales, let’s close out with some digital new releases.

Nintendo Download | Shovel Knight Sale

There are 8 digital beauties worth looking at this week, and they range from adventure games to beat’em’ups to platformers and horror games. Let’s start with Violett, a lush cartoon adventure game that looks like it would be right at home in a Pixar movie. Next is the totally strange looking King Oddball, which has you wreck the world using only your tongue and boulders (I had to mention that game, sorry). If you like Splatoon but want more platforming, you should give Splasher a try (and stay tuned for when our review of it goes live later). If you didn’t get your fix of top down games with Mr. Shifty, might I suggest the time control antics of Time Recoil? If you want retro, ACA NEOGEO has you covered with Mutation Nation, which looks like Final Fight but with deformed characters. If you wanted to play Moon Hunters on the go, it’s finally on the Switch. Or if you wanted a new 3DS game (yes, they still make those) you should check out Aksys’ Creeping Horror on October 31st. Lastly, the fantastic sequel Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is actually on Switch, so you should give that a try if you like to see niche titles on the system.

Nintendo Download | Splasher

That’s it for this week! It wasn’t as big of a Download as I’d hoped, but with Mario taking my focus, that’s okay. Tune in to oprainfall next week for more Nintendo games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get ready to jump around in Odyssey tomorrow!

Nintendo Download | Nights of Azure 2

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