In a press release put out today by developers, Walkabout Games, they announced that NecroWorm, their new game, will soon launch on Nintendo Switch.


NecroWorm is a puzzle game inspired by the classic Snake game. You know the one. Where you control a snake or worm, navigate a level collecting some kind of pick-up for points, meanwhile growing your tail and trying to avoid running into yourself. Here there’s a bit of a twist of that traditional formula in that the levels are designed to be more of a puzzle. Make the wrong move and you’re sure to run into trouble. You can checkout the trailer below to get a pretty good idea of what to expect, and if you’re curious to try it out you can also download the demo right now off the eShop.



NecroWorm launches on Nintendo Switch March 26th. No mention of a price, but if you act fast you’ll be able to pick it up at 40% off.

Aaron Evangelisti
Aaron is a lifelong video games enthusiast who's been playing since the days of the NES. He enjoys just about all types of games from RPGs, to platformers, to strategy. He also fancies himself a bit of a writer so writing about video games makes sense, right?