Square Enix has announced that global shipments and digital sales of Final Fantasy XII THE ZODIAC AGE have now exceeded one million. Producer Hiroaki Kato has thanked fans saying, “Thank you to all the fans for helping us reach this milestone. We are overwhelmed with the response from both new players and fans of the original.” FFXII THE ZODIAC AGE is a remastered PS4 version of the original Final Fantasy XII which was on PS2. You’ll be immersed once more in the world of Ivalice where magic is a common thing and airships cover the skies. This new remastered edition features the unique and now updated gambit system and pairs it with the brand new Zodiac Job System, which completely updates the old license board and lets the player develop one of 12 jobs for each character. These new additions and updates along with a new speed mode, auto-save functions and shorter load times will let you experience the original story in a wonderfully improved and updated way. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out Square Enix’s trailer for Final Fantasy XII THE ZODIAC AGE below.

Jenae R
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