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Harvest Moon Makes It’s Way to PC For the First Time

Harvest Moon Light of Ruin

For the first time in the series 20 year history a Harvest Moon game is finding it’s way to PC. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be released on Steam November 14th. This is actually before it’s launch on PS4 and Switch which will be in early 2018.

Light of Hope follows a similar plot to just about every other Harvest Moon title. You set off to start a new life in a small town. As you make your way to your new life aboard a ship it’s struck by a terrible monsoon. You wake up shipwrecked on the small town you’ll be making a fresh start on. You must not only raise up a prosperous farm but also help rebuild a town devastated by the monsoon.

In addition Natsume will also be hosting an art contest over on Facebook. Fifteen winners will be selected at the end of the year. Check over on Facebook for details, and check out Natsume’s press release below:

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