Atlus has recently published a message about the DMCA takedown notice involving the emulation developer group RPCS3 and their Patreon page. Atlus wants to provide a smooth experience for their games and thinks that emulation would deliver a disappointing result. The company claims to be aware of people who want the games to be ported on PC, but still considers that the best way to experience Persona 5 is to play the game on the PlayStation4 and PlayStation 3. While Atlus claims to be willing to listen to users feedback, it is currently impossible to leave a comment on the page, but you can still send a private message on the official Twitter account if you want to givethem your opinion on the matter. Over the last few years, the sales of Japanese games have been constantly increasing on PC, with Nier Automata selling above 620,000 units according to Steam Spy. Publishers like Koei Tecmo, Square Enix, and Capcom have shown interest for the PC market. Recently SEGA ported Bayonetta and Vanquished to PC with some favorable results as well. Which has some fans asking what Atlus is waiting for. After barring players from streaming Persona 5, Atlus expresses again its will to retain control on their products, but is it for the best? Opting for a world of law might not be the right move.

Fabrice Stellaire
Fabrice Stellaire is a french gamer who started playing on an Amstrad CPC that ran tapes. He then got one with floppy disks and started playing on a gameboy pocket in 1998. Later, he discovered playstation and playstation 2 games, before moving to PC and 3ds. He likes most of games genres except sports and car games.Among his favourite games are Fallou ,Baldu'sgate, Final Fantasy 8, Vagrant Story or Shin Megami Tensei games.