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Bandai Namco Entertainment held a content meeting at TGS 2015. The conference was focused on Sword Art Online and how its popularity spread worldwide. The writer of the light novels Reki Kawahara, the producer for the anime Shinichiro Kashiwada, Editor in Chief of Dengeki Bunko magazine Kazuma Miki, and the producer for Sword Art Online: Lost Song Yosuke Futami, were all present for the panel. They discussed the franchise’s popularity, how it spread overseas, and their goals when producing the projects. After discussing this they went on to speak about future announcements for the franchise.

SAO Kirito
It looks like Kirito has a special announcement.

The biggest announcement of the day was the announcement of SAO IV. Not much was said about the project but they revealed that more information about the project would be announced at a later date. It is not known whether or not SAO IV will be a continuation of the anime series, a new video game in the series, or a new volume in the original light novel series. More information for SAO IV will be announced on October 4 at 13:00/1:00 pm JST.

SAO announcement

Aside from the big teaser for SAO IV, Bandai Namco Entertainment also announced that Sword Art Online Game Director’s Edition would be released on November 19 for the Asia region. Since this edition will be released in Asia it is highly likely this edition will have English subs like previous game releases in that region. Sword Art Online Game Director’s Edition will include both Sword Art Online Re;Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

SAO Game Director Edition

Once more information for SAO IV is released we will post it as soon as possible. Check back here on October 4 or after the date for more information on SAO IV, including what media SAO IV will be focused on. So get excited Sword Art Online fans, SAO IV is coming.

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