Nintendo Switch owners will soon know the name of Headup Games, as the indie developer confirmed their line-up of titles due for the platform for the rest of the year. The first of these three is Slime-san (top image), launching very soon in August. It’s a puzzle-platformer in the spirit of Super Meat Boy or VVVVVV as you must navigate a worm’s innards where death is a constant.

Earth Atlantis is due sometime in Q3 2017. It is a side-scroller set in a water world with retro steampunk overtures. Though brief on details, the trailer indicates that hunting giant monsters is a core part of the Atlantian Earth experience.

The final game has no trailer, but Panzer Party is well represented in a screenshot. It’s a multiplayer arena game where players can choose between tanks, ships, and planes to wipe out opposing opponents. Multiple maps, modes, and vehicles will be offered when it launches this October.

While not explicitly their own, Headup Games will also be distributing The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ in Europe which releases in the region this September. In addition to launching on the Switch, all three titles will be available on PC, Mac, and/or Linux as well.



Alex Irish
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