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Pac-Man Vs. Returns in Namco Museum on Nintendo Switch

Pac Man Vs.

Namco Museum was confirmed for Nintendo Switch via an April Nintendo Direct, but a new game has been confirmed for the compilation: Pac-Man Vs. Pac-Man Vs. originally launched on the GameCube and was developed by Nintendo to take advantage of the Gameboy Advance Adapter for GameCube. The game had one player on the GBA playing as Pac-Man with three players on GameCube playing as Ghost with a limited view of the field. While the game was well-received it did require two systems to play, which limited its sales potential. The game was re-released on the original Nintendo DS as a part of Namco Museum on that system. This new console release comes 14 years after the original version.

Namco Museum is set to release on Nintendo Switch eShop this summer.

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