Death Squared

Last year while at PAX West, I got the chance to cover a fun and crazy little puzzle game called Death Squared. Developed by SMG Studio, t’s primarily a party game where you and others cooperate to get through each level intact (though there is also a single player mode). You play adorable little boxy droids who are very fragile, and the game loves to kill them off. Each level reacts to your movements, and you need to puzzle your way through a safe exit.

Death Squared | Droids
Aren’t they the cutest? I bet you can’t wait to CRUSH THEM!

That was last year, but now we know that Death Squared is officially releasing on March 14th. It will be available on PS4, XBox One, PC and Mac. Also good is that the PS4 version will have Share Play functionality built in. To see what Death Squared is about, check out the trailer below!

Josh Speer
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