Today Koei Temco has released new details on their upcoming release of the JRPG Blue Reflection. As the our heroines, Hinako, Yuzu, and Lime jump into the Common they will transform into their Magical Reflector forms. This what allows them to face the many dangers posed in this dimension, and face demons in order to gather Ether Fragments.

When the girls face off against these demon they have a variety of magical attack at their disposal. As the girls perform actions in battle it will drain their Ether, and they will have to preform an Ether Drain to gather more. This will not only restore your Ether but also grant you access to great combat abilities. When the girls have gathered enough Ether they can go into Overdrive mode. This will allow them to use several skills at once and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

The demons are not the only threat the girls will have to face in the Common. Sephira, gigantic creatures which harbors overwhelming powers are also present. These creatures would be nearly impossible for the girls to take down on their own, so they will need to call on their friends support to help them. Before battle each girl will be able to select up to four allies to support them in battle. These allies will over attack and defense boosts among other buffs. These allies will not only help you out in combat but provide live Tweets on FreeSpace to gain you valuable advice. This is certainly not like real Twitter which would mostly likely get you politics or porn!

Here is a gameplay video showing off the combat in action:

Last but not least we have pre-order bonus details straight from the press release:

Pre-order bonuses are available from Amazon, EB Canada & GameStop! These bonuses include a costume pack which is comprised of the School Swimsuit and Rorona style costume, and a “FreeSpace!” theme to change the look of the in-game social networking app. Furthermore, players who pre-order on the PlayStation®4 system will receive an Original Custom Theme. Those who pre-order both Blue Reflection and Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will receive a special outfit for Hinako which allows her to don the armor of Aluche, as well as an outfit for Aluche which allows her to wear Hinako’s school uniform.


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